a body of water with buildings along it

The beauties of Thessaloniki

a body of water with a tower in the background

In the heart of Thessaloniki

The hotel is situated very close to Aristotle square, in the trade center of the city and in the heart of night life. It is 20 kilometers away from the Airport Macedonia, 1 kilometer away from the Train Station and 1 kilometer away from the Thessaloniki Port.

Starting from the hotel, it is worth visiting the church of Agios Dimitrios, the keeper of the city of Thessaloniki, which after its reconstruction in 1948 looks exactly the same as the two previous ones that were destroyed from fire, and going into the Crypt, the eastern part of the Bath Complex, where Agios Dimitrios was imprisoned, martyred and buried.

Hagia Sophia, Thessaloniki with a flag in front


Visiting the church of Agia Sofia, a building of transitional architecture from royal with cupola to cross-shaped with cupola, the Panagia Chalkeon built, according to the maintained sign, in 1028 AC.

The Archaeological Museum that opened in September 2006, and since then, it has been a place of culture and learning with its permanent and periodic exhibitions, the Byzantine Museum, which since 1994, has presented various aspects of life during the Byzantine and Post-byzantine era, while at the same time, with its activities, it is an exemplary center for the maintenance, research and promotion of the Byzantine and Post-byzantine culture, and of course, the trade center, the shops and the café bars that are crowded day and night.

a city with a body of water in the background


See some of the driving distances and detailed instructions.

  • Roman Forum: 550m.
  • Agia Sofia Church: 1.1km.
  • Agios Dimitrios Church: 750m.
  • Rotunda Church: 1.6km.
  • Achiropoiitou Church: 1.0km.
  • Walls (Eptapirgio): 1.8km.
  • Macedonia Intercity Bus Station: 1 km.
  • Airport Macedonia: 16.9km.
  • Train Station: 1.5km.
  • Port: 900m.
  • Thessaloniki International Fair: 2.0km.
  • White Tower: 3.7km.
  • Kamara: 1.5km.
  • University of Macedonia: 1.4km.
  • Aristotle University: 1.7km.
  • City Hall: 2.6km.
  • Archaeological Museum: 2.7km.
  • Byzantine Museum: 2.7km.
  • Olympic Museum: 3.3km.
  • Folk Museum: 4.3km.